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11/5/19 8:14 A

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I use the Strongs concordance daily! Names of people, cities, even words like Buckler... In HEBREW & GREEK have deep meanings! Some people don't enjoy the 'begets', etc. I LOVE READING BOAZ BEGAT DAVID etc, by reading the original meanings of the names! Truth is hidden in plain sightwhen I'm reading I as I read the native language the Bible books were written in! It gives God's word the authentic DEPTH I need to understand!

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10/9/19 4:53 P

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9/20/19 3:06 P

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Read a book (in context, not jumping around) -- lookup other Bible passages to make sure I'm interpreting correctly -- save info for later use as God may grant, if ever. And praying during the whole process.

On Wednesday I had downtime, so I read the book of Romans. I bookmarked verses regarding the theme of Jews and non-Jews (the Gentile pagans whom the Jews considered to be worthless dogs. Yes they were plenty prejudiced in Jesus' day).

As I read I recalled and bookmarked passages from John, chapters 1, 8, and 10 where we learn about who is born of God and can call him Father, what Jesus told his followers about Abraham and how they were not Abraham's descendants but rather children of the Devil, and more.

I found it interesting that when Paul writes of the unbelieving Jews who were not new creations of his day he spoke they, their, them while speaking to the "Roman church" as I, me, my, mine. And Paul was a Hebrew of Hebrews, not ashamed of his blood but still seeing there are God's Children born of faith and then every other pagan on the planet.

Not all who are descendants of Israel are children of the Promise. Even in the days of the Prophets, God spoke "To a people who did not call out my name I said, "Here am I", and "You are my People."

Pretty plain, eh?

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9/19/19 12:16 P

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I "Inscribe" Bible Verses daily Devotions. It helps me to remember some Bible verses that I haven't read yet.

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9/18/19 10:21 P

Studying the Bible by topics.

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9/17/19 10:26 A

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Mmmm.. .that's a good one. I know I used to have an older dictionary that my dad had given me and I used it to look up words I didn't know. That helped. But, I think the biggest thing is I just ask God for wisdom as I'm reading through the Bible. I see new things all the time. (Paraphrased) Sowing with weeping and reaping in joy. . .it dawned on me the other day that the 'sowing with weeping' are the many tears I've shed praying for God to save my children. 'Reaping with joy' is the joy that I know I will have when my children ARE saved! It came to me like a 'flash of lightning'! Now I get it. Now I know! It had always puzzled me before.


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9/16/19 10:14 P

As I am reading the book of Daniel, I am getting free to copy pics from google on the different events as I read the book. I make the pictures small and glue them in the wide margins of my journaling Bible This helps to keep me focused.

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9/16/19 10:11 P

Please share what you do to make reading the Bible come alive to you.

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